laboratoire-pierre-fabreI joined Pierre Fabre Belgium as a self-employed CFO on December 19th 2011 and I am leaving on December 15th … 2016. I was engaged for 2 months and eventually I stayed 5 years.

Five years with a lot done.

Merger of 2 of the 3 entities, recapitalisation of business. Migration on a stable ERP system, harmonization of the finance organisation. Improvement of budget and reporting processes.

Stabilisation, extension and securing of the IT environment…

All this was made possible by the coaching and development of a team of young collaborators, helping them to develop their professional and personal skills and giving them self confidence in their potential for their future.

I am leaving on December 15th 2016 and I am ready for a new opportunity beginning of next year.

I am mainly interested in developing teams in setting new benevolent and efficient management within their organisation.

For more details, do not hesitate to contact me in private.